General Conditions of access and use of the website

1. Legal information

a) The present conditions regulate the permited use of the website available at the URL (from here on referred to as the website ), whose identification data are available further below, makes available to Internet users.

b) Identification data on the owner of the website:

Address: Vía Roma 5 1º A, Palma de Mallorca (Illes Balears). E-08012
VAT number: B-07869738
Registry data: Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Baleares, Tomo 1567, Folio 46, Libro 0, Sección 8, Hoja PM-29319, Inscripción 1

2. Objective

The website gives visitors and users of the same access to information on porducts and services offered by SCT or persons or bodies related.

3. Acceptance of general and particular conditions

These general conditions regulate the access and use of the website that SCT makes available to Internet users free of charge. Access to the website implies the acceptance of these conditions without reservation. The use of certain services offered by the website will be regulated by additional specific conditions previewed for every particular case, and it is understood that by the mere use of these services the user accepts these regulations unconditionally and agrees that these particular conditons stipulated for certain services complement, complete, and/or modify the general conditions which apply to the website on the whole.

4. Conditions of access and use

The visualisation, partial downloading and printing of the webswite content is authorized exclusively subject to the concurrence of the following conditions:

i) That said actions are compatible with the aims of the website;
ii) That said actions are carried out with the exclusive aim of obtaining said content for personal and private use. The use of website content for commercial purposes including distribution, public broadcasting, transformation or decompilation is hereby expressly prohibited;
iii) That none of the contents found within the website are in any way modified;
iv) That no element available at the website (including without limitation, databases, images, genes, drawings, graphs, charts, animations, text archives, audio, video and software) is used, copied or distributed separated from the web page where it appears, cosidering said page as a whole which includes the HTML code that defines it , the text, and all other elements that pertain to it.

5. Links or hyperlinks with/from the website

a) All links to SCT's website must take the User directly to SCT's home page, and the use of "deep links" (i.e. direct links to other pages found within the website and which are not the home page) is hereby expressly forbidden. The following are also hereby expressly forbidden: "framing" (i.e. use of "frames", HTML to show content belonging to the website or integrated in a web page that does not belong towebsite ), and any other type of use of the contents belonging to the website in favour of, or on behalf of, unauthorized third parties.

b) Furthermore, any website linking directly to SCT 's website must comply with the following:

i) Next to the link button, there will not appear any false, inexact, incorrect statements, or statements that could induce misunderstandings or mistakes, or which are contrary to the law, are inmoral, or against the generally accepted good customs;
ii) No protected commercial name or brand will be included, nor any data or information different from the website's URL address;
iii) The link will not direct users to any pages which contain declarations, statements, contents or propaganda of the following type: racism, xenophobia, pornography, arguements in favour of terrorism or against human rights, or that may in general harm or damage the good name and public image of SCT, or of any of the companies, collaborators, business groups, clients or suppliers associated with SCT.

c) The inclusion of links to other websites does not mean that SCT promotes, supports, sponsors, guarantees or recommends the content of said portals and websites. The website may contain links to other portals and websites not under the management or ownership of SCT. SCT has no control whatsoever over said portals and web pages, nor is it responsible for the contents of the same, and therefore SCT offers these links merely as a source or information or a referrence and does not in any way assess, value or judge the contents, owners, services or products of the aforementioned portals, websites and web pages.

6. General guarantees

a) SCT provides the general public with access and use of the website and the information it contains which comes from internal and external sources, in good faith. The user assumes, accepts and acknowledges, by the mere use of the website, that the data and information contained in the website is made available only and exclusively with the aim of informing, and that it may contain errors or imprecissions or that it may not be up-to-date, all aformentioned incidents occurring in spite of the diligence that SCT applies to the task of maintaining the website in order.

b) SCT reserves the right to carry out at any given moment, and without previous notice, modifications, alterations, corrections or up-dates of the information, configuration, presentation, or user access conditons relative to the website . Furthermore, SCT also reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without previous notice, user access to the website in the event that the need arises to carry out maintenance, repair, update or improvement actions of the aforementioned website.

c) SCT does not guarantee the inexistence of interruptions or errors while accessing the website or its contents, nor does it guarantee that the website is at every moment up-to-date. SCT will carry out all necessary actions to correct whichever problems arise as soon as it becomes aware of said problems, be they interruptions, corrections or updates, and it is hereby understood that it will do so only under condition that there do not exist circumstances which make it difficult or impossible to act.

d) UNDERAGE PERSONS / JUVENILES. In order to access and use the services provided by the website , persons under the legal age or juveniles must first obtain express permission from their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be considered legally responsible for all actions carried out by minors under their care. The information accessed by minors, and the services used by them, is the full responsability of the adults who are in charge of said minors. Due to the fact that Internet makes it possible for minors to access content that may not be appropiate to their age, SCT hereby advises users that there exist mechanisms, in particular special filtering and blocking programmes or applications which limit the content available to minors and which, although not infallible, are of special interest as a means of controlling and restricting the material to which minors may gain access.

e) It is hereby made known to the general public that SCT has outsourced or subcontracted the technical maintenance service of the website , and that this includes the hosting of the same and the Internet connection lodged in the servers of the subcontractee.

7. Liability disclaimer

a) SCT does not make any declarations nor offer any guarantees, of any sort , whether explicit or implicit, in relation to the functioning of the website nor in relation to the information, content, software, materials, or products included in the same, maintaining itself within the limits imposed by current laws in effect. Also, SCT is exhenorated from offering any guarantees whatsoever, whether explicit or implicit, including the implicit guarantee that the website is ideal for a specific purpose. SCT will not be held responsible for any damages of any sort derived from the use of this website , including, among others, direct or indirect damages.

b) SCT does not accept liability for any direct or indirect damages (caused by errors or inexactitudes or any other type of mishap) incurred , which could derive from the interruption of service on the part of the website nor from its discontinuity. Also, SCT does not accept liability for any possible security errors or deficiencies which may occurr due to the fact that the user has activated a device designed to conserve or save codes, registered user codes, access IDs, or passwords, nor by the fact that the user has navigated or surfed the website using an insecure or outdated program / application / navigator.

c) The user is hereby understood to be legally liable for any damages incurred by SCT as a direct or indirect consequence of the user's failure to comply with part or all of the Genereal Conditions here stipulated, or derived from the user's failure to comply with the particular conditions applicable to certain services offered.

d) Companies, professionals or collaborators offering their services on the website wil be held legally liable for any damages incurred by SCT as a direct on indirect consequence of their failure to comply with current law applicable to these General Conditions or applicable to the particular conditions which regulate their professional activity offered through the website .

8. Industrial and intellectual property rights

a) The rights of intellectual property (copyright) of the website, affect the source code, design, navigation structure, databases, and the various elements which make up the content; and are the property of SCT or its purveyors / suppliers. SCT has the exclusive copyright exploitation rights over these , in all forms, and specially in reference to the rights of reproducction, distribution,public communication and transformation.

b) All software employed in the use and development of the sitio web is the property of SCT or its software purveyors, having been -in this last case--subject to licencing or ceding from the same and is protected by national and international copyright laws on intellectual and industrial property, the world over.

c) SCT is the owner of the rights over the industrial property and copyrights related to its products and services and specificly related to the brands / marks, commercial signs and logos of the same which appear in the website and which have been duly registerd or are in the process of being registerd. In respect to the aforementioned products which are owned by third parties appearing in the website, SCT acknowledges that these third parties have full ownership and rights over said products and that the fact that they appear within the web does not in any way conferr any property rights to SCT nor does this fact imply that SCT is in any way responsible for or liable for those products, nor does it recommend, promote or give backing to any of them except when and where it clearly and expressly manifests so.

d) Any unauthorized use, re-sale, or impingement on SCT's rights of intellectual and industrial property related to the website will entail legal actions against whichever person or company carries out these actions and said legal actions will be subject to currently established laws.

9. Personal details

a) In accordance with the law stipulated under the Organic Law 15/1999 dated 13 December, and relevant to the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), SCT hereby informs you that when you fill in any electronic form accessible through the website , your personal data will be incorporated into an automatic data file which is under the ownership of SCT, and that said data will be processed with the following aims:

i) To render services offered at the website;
ii) To send information or advertising on SCT , relative to the general aims of the website;
iii) To carry out polls / surveys, or to collect and compile data for statistics and for the study of market tendencies;
iv) To develop user profiles with a view to personalizing or improving services offered.

b) SCT maintains and upholds a confidentiality policy. It is committed to the safekeeping of all personal data of the users of the website. This protection includes the collection and use of the information provided by the user through the website.

c) In this sense SCT agrees to not share or cede personal data furnished by the website user without his / her express consent. In spite of this, and in accordance with what is established in LOPD, the user expressly authorizes SCT to share the user's personal data to other companies as long as said companies belong to SCT's same group or corporation, and no matter in which country these companies are situated, even if the destination country does not offer a high level of protection equivalent to that offererd byLOPD, and the user is informed that said sharing of data between companies belonging to our same group is carried out with the sole and express condition that those third parties use the data to comply with services and commercia aims hired. The authorization here explained can be rejected by the user and made null and void at any moment , without retroactive effects.

d) SCT guarantees the user, under the terms established in the Organic Law of 15/1999, dated 13 December and relevant to the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), that we will treat your data with utmost care and confidentiality, and also we guarantee that the server which deals with and stores said personal data has put into effect all the necessary means in orde to ensure that said data cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. Nevertheless, SCT will cede through electronic means, part or all of the user's personal information data to the authorities when and if these authorities have been legally validated to access these data under the terms and legal dispositions applicable in every case.

e) The company informs the user that he has full rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition on his personal data and that the user may exercise this right at any given moment, without retroactive effects. To exercise this right the user needs only to communicate his wish to the company using the most adequate means for every case:

i) By sending a missive to the company using any of the means previewed in these General Condition, or in the special and specific conditions previewed for certain services.

f) Should the user provide personal data on third parties (for example, by using the service of "recommend a friend"), and as long as these data are incorporated into a file of automated data, SCT, complying with what is stipulated in the LOPD (article 5.4), will notify said third parties that it is in possession of said data; it will indicate who the owner of said file is, and what the content and aim of the file is; furthermore it will do so within the 3 months following the moment in which SCT received the data. SCT will also let the third party know that he/she can exercise his/her right to access, modify, cancel or oppose the use of his/her personal data.

10. Notifications

a) All notifications and communications addressed to SCT by the user will be considered valid and effective when carried out by any of the means which SCT makes available to the website users. Nevertheless, when SCT provides the user with a direct and automatic means of communication which allows the user to autonomously carry out the actions required to send a missive to SCT, the website user is obligated to send his / her missive through said automatic means.

Postal address: Vía Roma 5 1º A, Palma de Mallorca (Illes Balears). E-08012
Contact form:

b) All notifications and communications addressed to SCT by the user will be considered valid and effective when carried out by any of the means which SCT makes available to the website users. Nevertheless, when SCT provides the user with a direct and automatic means of communication which allows the user to autonomously carry out the actions required to send a missive to SCT, the website user is obligated to send his / her missive through said automatic means.

i) Text communication to be sent to the user's postal address, when and if said address has been previously furnished to SCT by the user;
ii) Text communication to be sent to the user's e-mail address, when and if the user has furnished said e-mail address to SCT either previously or at the very same moment in which communication is taking place;
iii) Oral communication to be carried out by phone, when and if the user has furnished SCT with the correct phone number;
iv) Communication to be carried out by using the web pages which appear before the user's eyes when surfing through the website or making use of the services offered by said website;
v) Communication to be carried out by means of pop-ups which appear on screen while SCT furnishes service to the user.


Should any clause of the present General Conditions be declared, partially or totally nul, void, or inefficient, said declaration will have exclusive effect on that particular clause without it affecting the rest of the part or the whole of these General Conditions. The invalidation of said clause will be understood to affect that clause exclusively and have no effect whatsoever over the rest of the part or the whole of these General Conditions, unless said clause is deemed to be an integral or essential part of the General Conditions.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

a) The present General Conditions are to be interpreted and executed in accordance with current Spanish law.

b) SCT and the user, both renounce any rights they may have under a jurisdiction other than that pertaining to the user's domicile in case of conflict deriving from the use or access to the website. In the case that the user's domicile / residence is situated outside of Spanish territory, SCT and the user of the website expressly agree to renounce any rights they may have under a jurisdiction other than that pertaining to the courts and tribunals where SCT is officially domiciled and registered.